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  • Calender InformationByJM Machinery

    Rebuilt Calenders Our calender re-manufacturing facilities are unsurpassed in North America. We have in-house roll grinding capabilities of 120" roll face, and the expertise gained by years of re-manufacturing and upgrading calenders for the tire industry. We can offer retrofits to include new...Read More
  • Calendered Rubber & CapabilitiesByCSI Calendering, Inc.

    CSI can supply you with material between 0.015” to 1” thick. We can also calender material at widths over 80” wide. We calender most major rubber compound types, grades, and colors as well as more sensitive materials such as swellable compounds and zero-contamination products. Natural -...Read More
  • Calendered Textiles & CapabilitiesByCSI Calendering, Inc.

    We can supply you with material between 0.015” to 1” thick. We can also calender material at widths over 80” wide. CSI calenders most major textile categories including tire cord, aramid, polyester, cotton, nylon and other commercial fabrics. You are welcome to supply your own raw material,...Read More
  • Calendering ServicesByCSI Calendering, Inc.

    Want to supply your own raw materials for us to calender? No problem. Our industry experience and calendering capabilities are vast. Once your materials are on-hand, we’ll get your order scheduled and typically have it shipped out within five business days. DIMENSION CAPABILITIES - Our team can...Read More
  • Catalloy Process ResinsByLyondellBasell Industries N.V

    The proprietary Catalloy technology from LyondellBasell creates reactor thermoplastic polyolefins that combine the advantages of polyolefins with those of elastomers. The wide range of properties makes these materials unique. Catalloy processed resins can be used across a variety of markets...Read More
  • ChamberIR 4069ByPrecision Controls Systems, Inc. & Research Inc.

    The ChamberIR 4069 infrared heater is designed to provide heat for products in continuous processes or test specimens. The Model 4069 heater focuses high-density infrared energy generated by T3 halogen lamps inward toward a cylindrically shaped target area. The clamshell heater design allows for...Read More
  • ChamberIR E4ByPrecision Controls Systems, Inc. & Research Inc.

    The ChamberIR E4 elliptical chamber heater is designed for rapid heating of small size continuous materials such as tubing, cable, and wire with an outer diameter less than 0.25 inch (6 mm). It may also be used as a high temperature furnace in test applications. The ChamberIR E4 is available in...Read More
  • Circular Knife BladesByHaas Saw

    Premium HSS circular knife blades for cutting rubber hoses, belts, extrusions, profiles and sealing systems.Read More
  • Clean Room MoldingByPrecision Associates Inc.

    精密Associates的洁净室生产a is, in effect, a miniature replication of our regular manufacturing facility. Nearly all of the equipment used in our regular manufacturing processes is also included in our 6,000 sq. ft. ISO14644-1, class 7 (10,000) clean room. The compounds...Read More
  • CoatingsByTrelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics

    The Right Substrate Coating Makes All The Difference Rubber, urethane and other polymers are used to provide optimized coating properties for a substrate. Rubber-coated textiles offer a variety of unique physical properties to meet demanding performance requirements. Urethane or polyurethane...Read More
  • COMMON ROD WIPER SEAL STYLESByAllied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc

    Rod wipers are designed to remove dust, dirt, ice, weld flash and many other particulates from surface of the rod. They prevent damage to bearings, seals, packings, and rods, and can reduce or even eliminate contamination of fluids in hydraulic systems. This can provide a greater life for your...Read More
  • Compact Cabinet Style MillsByReliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery Company

    可靠的经验和能力的工程师neering and manufacturing of Two Roll laboratory mills is unparalleled. Our forte is providing cost-effective solutions to match your exact machinery needs & process requirements. Our capabilities in mills are the broadest in the industry, from...Read More
  • ControlIRByPrecision Controls Systems, Inc. & Research Inc.

    The ControlIR products range from discrete power controllers to complete control solutions for the IR heating system. The ControlIR systems are sized and scaled for the correct voltage, amperage and required power controller. Where required the air cooling and water cooling functionality is...Read More
  • Conveyor Belts & LacingByCalifornia Industrial Rubber

    Most industrial settings rely on conveyor belts for essential tasks and functions. If a conveyor belt breaks, it can slow down production and constitute a major interruption to production. California Industrial Rubber Company offers premium quality belting and fabrication. When you purchase from...Read More
  • CORD STOCKByDenver Rubber Company

    Denver Rubber Company manufacturers cord from custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber compound. Rubber tubing is one of the most common and important elements of seal design, and are high-quality and carefully made. Standard and non-standard sizes available. PROPERTIES: -Resistance to ozone:...Read More
  • Custom Molded Rubber PartsByPrecision Associates Inc.

    Precision Associates, Inc. (PAI) offers engineering services from initial part design to final delivery of custom molded rubber parts. If you need a standard O-ring, lip seal, gasket rubber-to-metal or other custom seal shape, we’ll manufacture the product you need to your exact...Read More
  • Custom Performance ColorsByLyondellBasell Industries N.V

    Color plays a pivotal role in our lives. It has an important impact on our perception, influences us emotionally, and differentiates and creates uniqueness. As a powerful form of communication, color is therefore invaluable. LyondellBasell makes its customers’ vision a reality by giving objects...Read More
  • CUSTOM RUBBER GASKETS & SEALSByDenver Rubber Company

    Denver Rubber Company is a leading manufacturer of custom industrial non-metallic gaskets. Fabricating gaskets since 1972, our knowledge and expertise makes us the best source for industrial sheet and gasket materials. Our gasket division carries a wide variety of quality materials from paper to...Read More
  • Custom Size Reduction and Processing ServicesByLyondellBasell Industries N.V

    With our ISO 9001 registered facilities strategically located across the world, LyondellBasell is advancing what’s possible in custom powder processing. With a variety of toll processing services like size reduction, blending, and classification coupled with our technical expertise in powder...Read More